Everything you ever wanted to know about the hardest working creatures on the planet

Watch Susan's Bees!

You are looking at live, streaming video of one of Susan's hives!
At sunup the bees head out for the day's work, and, as long as it's not pouring rain, they busily come and go all day. In the late afternoon and early evening you'll sometimes see the bees hanging around on the outside of their hive. (That happens because the inside of the hive can become uncomfortably hot!) The Plan Bee Bee-cam operates in Bloomington, Indiana, which is on Eastern Daylight Time.

Besides the season, what you'll see here also depends on the weather and the time of day. From early spring to late fall, the bees are quite active. Worker bees fly out in search of pollen and nectar, guard bees keep would-be intruders out of the hive, undertaker bees lay their dead to rest, and much more...

If you have trouble seeing the Plan Bee Bee-cam or your browser times out, we may be experiencing heavy traffic, so wait a few minutes and then check in again.

Bee Smoker Video In the meantime, you can watch Susan light a bee smoker and peek into the Plan Bee Bee-cam hive.

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